Bellver Castle

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Visitor Attraction in Palma de Mallorca

Bellver CastleBellver Castle Map

Situated just outside the city of Palma, Majorca's Bellver Castle (Castell de Bellver) is a 14th century castle steeped in history and legend.

Set on a hill,surrounded by lush green Bellver wood, the gothic castle has spectacular views of the area and includes the main historic museum of Palma, has a circular design - one of few in Europe - with a circular floor and towers.

Historically, Bellver castle has had many uses: once a royal residence, it witnessed many sieges and invasions, later became a plague refuge, and later a military prison. Beneath the castle are said to be caves and tunnels leading to the cathedral. There are signs of it's grim history around the castle, from prisoners' graffiti and the 'Torre del'Homage', a separate tower that features a trapdoor that was used to send prisoners into a dungeon beneath where they were left to die. It's little wonder then, that there are numerous legends and ghost stories about the castle.

Since the early 1930s the castle has become one of the main tourist attractions in Majorca.

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